Convert payments into Reputation Score

The first app that turns costs into a benefit. A new way for companies to build their trust profile, based on confirmed payments. It’s a simple and revolutionary process: every payment lets the company earn more reputation points and improve their reputation score.

Stonepay changes the way businesses trust each other.
StonePay ratings help businesses assess each others’ level of commercial trust without recourse to third parties, to banks and to external institutions. Giving companies more control of their reputation and their assumed business risks when starting a relationship or negotiating a deal.

The world has changed

We haven gone from bricks-and-mortar to e-commerce, from all paper to all electronic invoicing. When many startups are challenging banks in the field of payments and loans with one-click digital solutions. Now comes the new business era of reputational transparency with data minimisation where StonePay can play a fundamental role. Those who want to obtain credit will be able to show their reputation score, no longer based on financial evaluations by others, but based on their business behaviour.

The only thing that hasn't changed is how we all care about our Business Reputation.

How it works

You can use these to decide in real-time how much credit to give customers and accumulate confirmation to get better terms of credit from suppliers.
A new way of presenting yourself & gaining trust.

StonePay solves the most common questions that every business person faces every day:

  • Can I trust this or that client or partner?
  • Can I deliver my goods and services secure in

  • the knowledge I will be paid on time?

B2B trading is a very large and fast-growing market with worldwide transactions reaching $210 trillion dollars in 2020.

How is StonePay unique?

It’s Not a Payment App, it’s a Business Community of Trust offering a Reputation Rating and a Risk Assessment Tool with Limitless Opportunities.

It’s Everything You Need to build and share your company’s business trust profile.

The problem? Lack of trust.

Late payments are the norm of global trading. Every day businesses in the EU SMEs incur €158 million euros of financial costs or negative impacts on cash flow.

The fintech sector is booming, with a record $91.5 billion in global funding last year

StonePay is a fintech solution aimed at B2B audiences and is expected to reach a million users within three years’ time.
Your investment will increase as the company reaches millions of users and becomes the credit-qualification standard for B2B commerce.

Finance is changing. StonePay challenges traditional norms, optimizes trust, and makes it easy for everyone to do business.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please invest aware.

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